OEM, Custom Designed Protective Case Solutions For Your Product Utilization

                Universal Laptop Protective Carrying Cases

                Protect your Laptop Computers with enough accessory compartments
                for anything you need to go with. IPS can design, manufacture, and
                modify any style to satisfy your needs.
Mobile Computing Protective Cases                

Maximum protection for your mobile devices & technology.                
Attach your laptop to the protective case and always carry it on.                
Designed for easy, fast accessibility, and continuous protection                 
for the security of your valuable investment.                


Concepts of Mobile Computing Technology

           Electronic Device Protective Carrying Cases

           The maximum protection, easy & fast accessibility for your Electronic
           Devices such as Industrial field test equipments, Tablet PC, Music
           instruments, Medical Monitoring devices, Military Tectical Computers,
           and much more... We design & manufacture for your devices.
Equipment & Tool Carrying Cases            

We design & manufacture cases for any of your industrial products.            
It gives sales reps and daily users' easy and fast accessibility to carry            
your equipments and tools on the road.            

              Hand Carrying Bags, Pouches, Soft cases

              We manufacture any Custom Sewn products for your needs.
Military & Government Related Products            

Please visit "Military & Government" or contact us for more details.            

              General Consumer Products

              We manufacture any type of soft cases & bags for general business
              customers and any organizations. We have manufactured a wide
              variety of products such as Promotional Bags, Booklet Bags, Story
              Book Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Cooler Bags, Laundry Bags, Automobile
              Manual Pouches, Computer Covers, Machinery Covers, and more…
               By customer’s requests, we also customize logo on the products.
Web Straps, User Harness, Industrial Sewing             

We design & manufacture any kind of custom webbing straps,             
such as Shoulder Straps, Equipment Retainers, User Harnesses,             
Back Straps, Trailer Retainer Straps, Boat Mooring Harnesses,             
Fire Fighting Gear, Sports Utilization, Safety Belts, Molly straps,             
and any kind of web strap products.