IPS Business History & Background

Since1993, IPS has been a leader of OEM sewing Industry in the U.S. Mr. Paul H Park, the founder of IPS, is specialized in Mechanical Engineering, and has many expert industrial experiences, especially in the field of design, manufacturing, and Quality Management Systems. Since portable electronic devices have started spreading in the U.S. market, Mr. Park established IPS & Luggage Company for the OEM design & manufacturing of protective carrying cases & bags to secure your high value of mobile devices & equipments. Through our many years of dedication and successful business in the U.S. sewing industry, IPS has developed a wide range of product lines for both Commercial and the U.S. Military Government products.

As the U.S. domestic OEM custom manufacturer, IPS specializes in a variety of soft shell fabric products such as mobile protective carrying cases, pouches, tool cases, hand carrying bags, covers, and any of industrial sewn products. Through our expertise in design & production, we can easily communicate and provide you the best outcome.


To provide full OEM & custom products to our valuable customers, IPS has full capabilities with knowledge of engineering & CAD/AI design to produce any kind of Built-to-Print, Design Creation to fit your devices, and Modification of your own existing products. We can also select & create a unique design to meet the customer’s limited budget. Through our expertise in production & quality management systems, we provide all our customers with our consistent high quality products in a cost effective and on-time delivery method.

Built To Print

Built To Print is one of our expertise and specialty at our OEM manufacturing. All of our CAD design/production team has engineering knowledge to read, communicate, apply, and produce any of the customer’s product design and specifications. As long as we have your print or spec drawings, we can make prototype samples to show our customers the actual outcome of the products.

R & D

To provide a maximum quality, functionality, and design as well as cost effective products for our customer's full satisfaction, we have in house 2D/3D CAD and R&D systems. Every day, we are continually striving to research and develop a product design and material selection to get the best outcome for your devices & products. Please contcat us for more details about our R&D systems. We are now ready to work for your valuable projects and needs.

Design Creation & Modification

Even though you do not have any spec drawings or prints for your devices or machines, our design & production team can create unique designs to fit your devices or machines. In addition, if you provide us with your existing sewn products, our design & production staff can also produce the product identically.