Please provide us the following with our requirements to make quotes for your RFQ. For your RFQ, please email sales@ipsluggage.com by attaching your product specifications or drawings with all dimensions. If you do not have any spec sheets or drawings, please send us your "one sample products" or dummy case to us. If your design is under Copy Rights or U.S. Export Control regulations, please email your information to sales@ipsluggage.com with your NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ) form before you provide us any of your product design.

• Built to Print Products: Email us your Product Specifications or Drawings w/ dimensions and required raw materials

• Design Creation Products: Send us either one actual or dummy case of your device. Or, email us your photo pictures with all dimensions and
                                                       required raw materials.

• Modification of Products: Send us one of your actual sewn cases or bags. Before you send it, please email us with your prior notice of shipment.

• Lead Time: It depends on your products, but it normally takes 3 to 5 business days after the date of receipt of your spec drawings or samples.

* For any question regarding Quotation, please contact us via phone call or email at sales@ipsluggage.com


To provide maximum satisfaction to all our customers, we accept any q'ty of your orders from less q'ty to large q'ty of our OEM & custom design products. However, if your requested raw materials are not a common products and it needs to be specially ordered, we require a minimum q'ty to produce. For more details regarding your orders, please contact us via phone call or email at sales@ipsluggage.com