Material Selection

IPS uses variety of fabrics & fasteners worldwide. Even when customers request for special materials, IPS can provide the customers through many
of IPS’ qualified manufacturing vendors in the U.S. and worldwide. Just tell us what you need. Followings are the lists of raw materials that we have
been applying to the products.

• Fabrics ( Any Color available )




Acrylic Canvas

Mesh / Netting


Synthetic Leather

Military Spec'd Fabrics

Cordura Brand Fabric

True Ballistic Nylon

Multi layer fabrics

Neoprene coated Nylon

Flame Retardant Fabrics
Fire / Water Resistant Fabrics

Foam Laminated Fabrics

Expanded Vinyl

Back supported Vinyl

Clear Vinyl

Neoprene Foam

Poly Etha Foam and more...

• Hardware & Components ( Any Color available )

Nylon Webbings

Poly Webbings

Nylon Bias Bindings

Velcro Hook & Loops

Poly Elastic

Owven Elastic

Nylon Zippers

Metal Zippers


Poly Foam

Neoprene Foam

Poly Board

Chip Board

Masonite Board

Metal Rivets

Molded Handle


Reflective Safety Tape

Snap Button

Snap Hooks

Side Release Buckle

Ladder Locks

Tri Glide Locks

Loop Locks


Cord Locks

Bottom Studs

Solid Handles

Plastic Fasteners

Metal Fasteners
rust free metal
and more...